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  • Cosmo POS Retail System

    Cosmo POS Retail System is right solution for the single franchised store, but even better for Multiple Chain Stores, since it has very powerful functions for multi-store control. You can effectively manage your inventory, prices, report, as well as many other features. Cosmo POS Retail software is also customizable to fullfill your business environment to achive best outcome!

  • Cosmo Restaurant System

    Cosmo POS Restaurant System is perfect for small Deli / Wing store / Cofffee shop / Bakery / Togo restaurants and dinner restaurants include Buffet. This system empowers restaurants to achieve simplicity and effeciency, with the full featured and great for table service which enables your service quicker and easier.


Cosmo Tech is highly recognized IT company for its innovation by providing the most efficient and effective business solutions. We offer POS systems, POS Software, anti-theft security, surveillance systems, total web solutions include website development and social network connections, and software developed by Cosmo Tech. The surveillance and POS systems are fully integrated together for ease of use.
Instead of simply being the middleman by purchasing and reselling licensed software, we have developed and engineered our very own system. It is due to this that we are able to customize to every possible need a client may have.


Cosmo Tech provides unparalleled tech support and customer service. If you don't find what you need from the following links, please send us your request by email or phone for your convinience.

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